25 August 2022


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DJI Goggles 2 are also present as DJI's newest flight control technology

Jakarta, 25 August 2022 – Erajaya Active Lifestyle is opening preorders for the DJI Avata, a first-person view drone (FPV) developed by DJI, a world pioneer in civilian drones and creative camera technology. Through preorders starting on August 25, 2022, users can choose from two drone packages, namely the Fly Smart Combo and Pro-View Combo for an immersive flying experience with supporting equipment such as DJI Goggles 2 and DJI Motion Controller.

DJI's unrivaled flight technology allows the DJI Avata to do a lot of things. In addition to hovering like a normal drone, it can also accelerate like a racer, maneuvering in tight spaces and coming to a complete stop in a fraction of a second. Another plus is the propeller protector which guarantees a sense of security for the pilot to fly anywhere. The 1/1.7-inch camera installed is capable of capturing wide-angle objects and producing videos up to 4K resolution. Operating the drone in areas with minimal signal is no longer a problem because the DJI Avata adopts HD Low-Latency Transmission Technology to ensure that image transmission occurs instantly. The Downward Obstacle Sensing feature makes this drone able to detect the best terrain for landing.

Djohan Sutanto, CEO Erajaya Active Lifestyle said “Erajaya Active Lifestyle welcomes the presence of this DJI Avata. Drone first person view or FPV provides a more immersive experience than flying a regular drone. Moreover, this latest generation is here to offer a myriad of interesting and more powerful features than the previous generation, which I believe will be the target of content creators and personal users to record and create dramatic and spectacular content, and have the potential to become the favorite drone in its class.”

Preorders for the DJI Avata take place from August 25-8 September at the DJI Experience Store, the ecommerce page and the DJI Official Store at Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, Bukalapak, Akulaku, Lazada and JD.ID. There are 2 package options, namely the Fly Smart Combo package consisting of drones, DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI Motion Controller for IDR 17,100,100 and the Pro-View Combo package consisting of drones, DJI Goggles 2 and DJI Motion Controller for IDR 20,700,000.

Customers can choose to purchase a package with DJI Goggles 2, the latest generation of video headsets that are lighter, smaller and more comfortable. The FPV image displayed is crystal clear thanks to the Micro-OLED screen with adjustable diopters so that it can be operated by users with glasses. The DJI Avata and DJI Goggles 2 are connected via DJI O3+ transmission or the most powerful and reliable technology for precise control, ultra-low latency, and detailed video at 1080p/100fps resolution with the H.265 codec. The longest transmission distance of these two devices is up to 10 kilometers, dual frequency switching automatically, high bitrate 50 Mbps and advanced anti-interference methods to ensure consistent feeds.

The DJI Motion Controller is also available in pre-order packages that offer complete control for precise complex maneuvers. The device is intuitive so that novice pilots can quickly start learning how to perform challenging maneuvers, even while swooping close to the ground, over obstacles and gliding through tight spaces into open spaces..



About Erajaya Active Lifestyle:

Erajaya Active Lifestyle is a subsidiary of Erajaya Group that focuses on marketing, distribution and retail network activities for active lifestyle products, including Internet of Things (IoT) products and its ecosystem, lifestyle devices, smart home and active fashion products. Currently, EAL is trusted to represent well-known brands such as Apple, DJI, Garmin, Google, GoPro, JBL, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and many other global brands. Erajaya Active Lifestyle operates 34 retail outlets under the banner of Urban Republic, Garmin Brand Stores and DJI Experiences Store.


About DJI

DJI is a global leader in the development and production of civilian drones and aerial imaging technologies for personal and professional use. DJI was founded and managed by people with a passion for remote control helicopters and experts in flight control and camera stabilization technology. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and cinematography tools and platforms more accessible, more reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI's global operations now span the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by consumers in over 100 countries for use in filmmaking, construction, inspection, emergency response, agriculture, conservation, and many other industries.


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