31 August 2022


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This product from the Home Security and Home Appliances category promises a smarter home #makeITsmarter

Jakarta, 31 August 2022 The premium lifestyle product ecosystem brand, IT (Immersive Tech) introduced 20 products from the smart home ecosystem, from two categories namely home security and home appliances to make homes smarter through the #makeITsmarter campaign. This step ensures IT commitment as one of the most complete smart home brands in Indonesia with a product catalog that has now reached 30 items.


Andre Tanudjaja, Project Director IT (Immersive Tech), said “The optimism that we bring with the launch of this latest collection from IT accompanies our seriousness and commitment to presenting IoT products that are relevant to the latest technology, to improve the quality of life for urban communities. Technology that is increasingly user friendly, supported by widespread and improved internet connectivity will accelerate the adoption of such devices in Indonesia. Cross-brand and cross-device interoperability will also increase public interest. IT products can now be controlled via virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant such as IT Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and IT Smart Power Socket.”


Through 20 products launched today, IT users can make their homes safer with the IT Smart WiFi Doorlock X3, free from worry because they can directly access the conditions of their homes and loved ones with various choices of IT Smart CCTV, and get a sense of peace through IT sensors. Smart Alarm Gas Detector and IT Smart WiFi Door Window Sensor S02. Users can feel at home that it is easy with the IT Smart Curtain MT750 to open or close the curtains automatically which is controlled through the application. With the IT Smart Power Socket, users can control conventional devices remotely, as well as the IT Smart WiFi Universal IR Remote S06 to turn on or turn off infrared-based devices remotely.


IT also presents products that support a clean and comfortable home through the IT Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner GS01 which can clean the floor of the house independently and on a scheduled basis. Not to forget the IT Smart Air Purifier can ensure air quality to ensure the health of family members. 


Integration and Interoperability

Integration is one of the big trends in the smart home category and has become a basic expectation, not a luxury anymore. Smart devices from IT can easily be controlled from just one smartphone thanks to the IT Smart application developed with Tuya Smart. The latest collection of smart home products from IT (Immersive Tech) has adopted the trend of interoperability or being able to "communicate" with each other, cross brand, cross device and cross platform.


IT (Immersive Tech) devices can now be controlled using the virtual assistant Siri from Apple and Google Assistant from Android, the two largest operating systems today. Communication with other ecosystem devices can also be possible such as smart speakers or smart watches. With the increased ease of use, consumers don't need to be a tech expert to operate smarthome IT (Immersive Tech) devices. 


IT (Immersive Tech) In Action

Smarthome IT (Immersive Tech) products have been used and installed in several millennial residential projects and apartment complexes from renowned developer Agung Sedayu Group. Examples of these projects are the PIK2 Tokyo Apartment, Gold Coast Apartment, PIK2 Millennial House show unit, Sedayu City Suites and West Jakarta Green Royal Condo House. The selected products used are IT Smart LED Bulb 9W, IT Smart CCTV Camera, IT Smart Wifi Door Window Sensor S02, and IT Smart Wifi Doorlock X3. The trust of well-known and trusted developers, such as Agung Sedayu Group, in the smarthome product range from IT (Immersive Tech) shows the quality of these products.


Most of the products launched have been available since August 29, 2022 on channels such as Urban Republic, Erafone, iBox, Samsung by NASA, e-commerce page, IT Official Store on Tokopedia as well as Shopee and Urban Republic Official Store on Tokopedia. For the time being, IT Smart Power Socket Single Plug PS03, IT Smart Power Socket Extension PS01, IT Smart Air Purifier P400 white and gray, as well as filters, can only be obtained by preorder on online channels.


IT prepared a number of attractive promos with a value of up to Rp 1.5 million such as Smart Bundle packages for Apartments and Residentials, free additional filters for purchasing IT Smart Air Purifier S280 and P400, free installation services for purchasing IT Smart Wifi Doorlock X3, IT Smart Curtain MT750 , IT Smart Outdoor Camera W01 and IT Smart Floodlight Camera FW01*. DBS and Bank Mandiri credit card holders can enjoy discounts of up to IDR 350,000 and 0% installments for up to 18 months**. It doesn't stop there, users also have the opportunity to get special vouchers for Eraclub members up to Rp. 250,000 and IT Official Store vouchers at Tokopedia and Shopee up to Rp. 250,000 during the launching period. 


IT Smart Home presents 20 of the latest flagship products as follows:





IT Smart Outdoor Camera W01

Rp 1,499,000

IT Smart Power Socket Extension PS01

Rp    399,000

IT Smart Floodlight Camera FW01

Rp 1,599,000

IT Smart Power Socket Dual Plug PS02

Rp    299,000

IT Smart Floodlight Camera FC11

Rp 1,499,000

IT Smart Power Socket Single Plug PS03

Rp    179,000

IT Smart Wifi Doorlock X3

Rp 1,699,000

IT Smart Air Purifier S280

Rp 1,599,000

IT Smart Wireless Doorbell WD01

Rp 1,499,000

IT Smart Air Purifier S280 Filter

Rp    399,000

IT Smart Wifi Door Window Sensor S02

Rp    179,000

IT Smart Air Purifier P400 White

Rp 3,299,000

IT Smart Alarm Gas Detector

Rp    499,000

IT Smart Air Purifier P400 Grey

Rp 3,299,000

IT Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner GS01

Rp 2,799,000

IT Smart Air Purifier P400 Filter

Rp    499,000

IT Smart Curtain MT750

Rp 1,499,000

IT Smart WiFi Universal IR Remote S06

Rp    129,000

IT Smart Curtain Rail Extension 2m

Rp    699,000

IT Smart RGB Universal IR Remote M01

Rp    169,000


All IT products are protected by after-sales service from TAM

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About  IT (Immersive Tech):

IT is an ecosystem brand of premium lifestyle products that are modernly designed and manufactured to the best manufacturing standards. The IT product range is expected to bring about a transformation of human interaction with their devices. With a focus on the 'human' element, IT brings innovations and new breakthroughs that will support the lifestyle of its users. To know more about IT, visit the site

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